Customized Luggage Tags

from Women.Design.Build


Lasercut a sexy pair of leather luggage tags to wow your cohorts and prevent luggage loss this holiday season!

We'll provide the materials, the laser, the graphic skills and the good times. You bring your personality and penchant for fun.


Kristen Von Minden (Dartmouth ‘02 / Harvard Graduate School of Design ‘09) and Eve Trester-Wilson (UT Austin ‘03 / ‘04) are two friends trained as architects with a passion for making–but are also fierce knitters, furniture fanatics, card makers, DIY enthusiasts, craft lovers, etsy shoppers, apartment therapy blog subscribers, artists, potters, welders, metal sculptors, graphics geeks, calligraphers, independent inventors and avid tinkerers with an interest in community and supporting local business. Together Eve and Kristen founded and operate MAKEatx: a member-based workshop where Austinites can pursue their diverse interests and activities independently and creatively.


I will go slightly out of my way to step on that crunchy leaf! I like rivers more than beaches. I keep moving, but have an aching need to nest wherever I land. I inherited my father's taste for manhattans and familiarity. I'm representin' the show-me state. Currently, I'm scratching that itch for exploration and contentment. Teaching children, and inevitably taking pieces of their hilarious personalities with me. I like RUNNING and playing music.


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