How to teach an HourSchool class

Thinking of teaching a class but don't know where to start? Come join us for a fun evening with the co-founders and some past teachers for tips and guides on how to get started on teaching at HourSchool!

We will cover logistical details such as picking a venue, deciding how much to charge, and length of class. We will also spend time sharing our experiences on writing a good class description, planning the agenda, promoting and preparing before the class.

You will leave the evening feeling ready to take the first step in sharing your passion, skills, and knowledge. We're on a mission to unlock your city's knowledge, but we can't do it all by ourselves. Join us.


I'm the co-founder of HourSchool and alumni of Austin Center for Design. My first teaching experience happened at HourSchool and it was an incredible experience. I get better at teaching one hour at a time and wish to share my experience with anyone who wants to share their passion, skills, and knowledge.



Hi! I am a freelance photographer out of Austin, Texas! I've co-taught a class before with another organization, but never on my own yet! :)


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