Meditation for Balance and Relaxation

Gaining a connection with our inner self is the first step of a successful meditation practice. The presentation will guide the audience through the steps of becoming connected with the Spirit through the ancient self-realization process of Natha Yogis in India, called Sahaja. After the meditative experience, Vic will share information on how to continue learning through options of online courses and local meditation meetups. Participants will learn how to meditate daily and on an as-needed basis. They will also learn about free resources they can use to build a practice of daily meditation.

More about the teacher:

Vic Divecha

Vic has been conducting meditation workshops in Ann Arbor, Detroit burbs and Windsor. He has arranged free-of-charge retreats, meditation courses and seminars for encouraging self-sustaining meditation practices. He has co-authored 7 meditation CDs, which are made available at no cost to participants as mp3 downloads or online listening.

More about the group
Meditation CD co-authored: Disc 1
More about the meditation

Additionally, here is a testimonial from James, one of the attendees at the summer meditation meetings in 2010

And some “what is this meditation about” type videos


Vic Divecha


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Merry Ja
10 months ago

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11 months ago

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almost 2 years ago

Meditation is the way to get relaxation by various type of remedy of quick and successive relief in the life. The blog is for the meditation to get relax and quick relief in the best dissertation and service of all kind of punctuality all over.

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